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Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd:

Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd

Prior Scientific has been in the business of designing and manufacturing scientific instruments for eighty years, with a decided emphasis on optical instruments. The eight decades of expertise possessed by the company are apparent in every motorised microscope stage, microscope laser autofocus products, piezo focusing stages and microscope illumination systems they produce.

The company creates a wide range of optical microscopes, microscopy automation equipment and illumination systems, all made with the top quality and attention to user-friendly design that Prior is world famous for.

The UK based company is a world leader in all sorts of microscopy instruments, automation systems, microscope illumination, slide loader products, scanning stages and other solutions for the scientific, quality control, educational and many other environments. There’s no other company with the kind of experience Prior has in high quality laboratory optics; and it shows both in the quality of Prior Scientifics’ products and the reputation that the company and its products have earned with users all over the world.

Prior Scientifics’ standard optical instruments are renowned for their quality, but the company also produces OEM solutions and customized optics, illumination systems and motion control systems which can be made to the exact specifications of the customer. Prior’s innovations in the field of optics and their unparalleled level of expertise have benefited many thousands of users around the globe these last eighty years as well as many of the world’s best known producers of scientific instruments, who rely on Prior’s advanced optical technologies.

The company also offers responsive email and telephone based support to its users worldwide; Prior Scientific believes in their stereo microscopes, polarising microscopes and microscope illumination systems just as much as their users do – and backs each of their instruments up with their expert service. 

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Article Title: Microscope Illumination From Prior Shows A Whole New Light
Video title: Prior Lumen 200 microscope light source

Article: Microscope Illumination From Prior Shows A Whole New Light
PDF title:
pdf prior 200 microscope illumination lumen black

Article: Scanning Stages From Prior Scientific
PDF title:
pdf prior h101 scanning stages

Article: Slide Loader From Prior Offers Many Applications
PDF title:
pdf Prior PL 200 slide loader

Article: Microscope Illumination System For Demanding Applications
PDF title:
Microscope Illumination System PDF

Article: Motorised Microscope Stage Offers Quality And Reliability
PDF title:
pdf prior proscan scanning stages

Article: Microscope Laser Autofocus Unit Offers Great Sensitivity
PDF title:
pdf Prior LF210 microscope auto laser focus

Article: Piezo Focusing Stages Give Fast And Precise Control
PDF title:
pdf prior nanoscan piezo focusing stages

Article: LED Microscope Illumination Shown In A New Light
PDF title:
led microscope illumination pdf

Article: Microscope Stages Offer Impressive Resolution
PDF title:
Microscope Stages PDF

Article: Microscope Stages Offer Impressive Resolution
PDF title:
Microscope Stages PDF

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Country: England, UK
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