Itchy Penis? 7 Most Common Causes and Recommended Remedies

Pubic lice, scabies and genital warts can all result in an itchy penis. Here are seven of the most common causes of an itchy genital and how you can diagnose and treat each of them.

An itchy penis is not only irritating, but it can also be quite worrying, uncomfortable and in some cases outright embarrassing. Though an itchy penis might be something that most of us can easily ignore, it’s always highly advisable to have it checked out to ascertain whether it’s something serious or not. On top of that, it’s best to remember that scratching will only make things worse. Therefore, we should always avoid scratching at all cost.

Why Does My Penis Itch?Men's Health

If your suffering from an itchy penis, try not to worry. According to a renowned chief medical officer who works at Now Patient, Dr. Andrew Thornber, there are at least seven different causes of an itchy penis. Apart from highlighting the seven possible causes of an itchy penis, Dr. Thornber goes ahead to give us detailed instructions on how to fix them.

Jock Itch

Also known as tinea cruris, Jock Itch is a common disorder that’s mainly caused by ringworm/fungi. One of the disorder’s major symptoms is itching. The main trigger for Jock Itch is sweating, hence, it’s very common in people who exercise on a regular basis.

The fungi/ringworm that causes Jock Itch is highly contagious, and therefore it’s easily spread from one person to another through sharing of clothing and towels. Furthermore, Jock Itch can occur on individuals with a weakened immune system, are obese or diabetic.


Since fungus is the main cause of Jock Itch, it’s treatable using antifungal medicine. It is extremely important to always ensure that you stay dry, especially in the groin region. In addition, you should also avoid sharing of clothing and towels, as well as wearing tight-fitting clothing.



Chafing normally occurs when the thighs rub against each other. Chafing is quite common in individuals who undertake physical activities such as running. The rubbing of thighs against each other puts pressure on the skin, thereby causing an itch or a burn.


Moisturise your skin on a regular basis using a skin-irritant protective moisturizer. During exercise use body glide to prevent chafing.


Pubic Lice

If you are itchy and you notice white specs or little parasites living or moving inside your pubic hairs, then you might have crabs or pubic lice.


Visit your local GP or sexual health clinic. You will receive a prescription for killing the pubic lice.



Scabies is a common skin infection caused mainly by mites. Scabies is highly contagious and in many cases, scabies can affect an entire family if one of the members becomes infected. Apart from causing genital itching, scabies will also result in several bright red bumps within the affected region. In some cases, the small bright red bumps will spread to other areas of the body.


Visit your local pharmaceutical store where you will be given a prescription cream to eliminate scabies. It’s also important to note that if you are suffering from scabies then everyone in your home has to be treated as the infection is highly contagious.


Genital Warts

Genital warts are a type of sexually transmitted disorder which manifests itself as small cauliflower-shaped bumps on the groin/genital region. They can either appear as clusters or just in single units.


Visit your local GP or sexual health clinic, where you will receive the right treatment. Many at times you will either receive a prescription cream that will help you get rid of them. Alternatively, the warts will be frozen.



Balanitis is a skin condition characterised by a smelly, itchy and sore penis. In addition, it also causes swelling and redness, pain when urinating and accumulation of thick fluid. Balanitis is prevalent in men and boys who are yet to be circumcised.


A physician will recommend a prescription cream that will help clear up the condition. In cases where the cream does not work, the physician will refer you to a urologist or dermatologist. It’s extremely important to get the condition checked up by your GP so as to determine whether you are suffering from an STI.


Male Thrush

Male thrush is another common disorder characterised by burning, irritation and redness beneath the foreskin and around the penis head. On many occasions, you will notice a white and smelly discharge.


Visit your local pharmacist or GP who will recommend an appropriate antifungal medication.


Sexual Health Services

It’s highly advisable to always seek medical assistance, especially when concerned that you might have an STI. You can speak to your GP using the provided details.

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